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Collective Energy Healing
Do you feel the need to give your energy and
immune system a boost?! We can help!

We’re currently scheduling Collective Energy Healing appointments between 4pm and 8pm on
Wednesday, November 28th!

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“Intuition is nature’s navigational device that provides our subconscious with advice that guides us on our voyage through life. There’s always room to improve your instinct and intuition. Are you on a tour or are you going to make it a journey?”
~ Annette ~

Other Services

Also offered at the Helping You Heal Center:
Quantum Biofeedback
Foot Ionizing
Infrared Body Wrap
Energy (Ghost) Clearing
Energy Massage Healing

Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven is available at the Helping You Heal Center!

Annette's Angel Book!

Angels are always present and ready to assist! What many people view as common sense or coincidence is often our angels communicating with us. Discover ways to connect with your angels, recognize the messages they are constantly sending and to trust their guidance.

Helping You Heal and Grow

Annette blends her expertise as a medium, psychic, healing practitioner, colorstrologist, teacher and mentor to help people heal and grow.

Develop your own psychic and healing gifts
by exploring the various Intuitive Development and Energy Healing classes she offers at her Helping You Heal Center.

What Color is Your Aura?

Knowing your Aura colors is one of the most powerful tools in understanding your personality traits, relationships and for self discovery. Getting to know this awesome tool can help you gain valuable insight regarding your true life purpose.

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Annette is a nationally-known visionary, psychic and intuitive healer who enjoys sharing her gifts bridging the spiritual and physical worlds to assist those who seek to improve their lives.

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