Angel Relationships, A Match Made in Heaven

Increasingly, angels want to prove their existence and are reaching out to connect with us now more than ever — while here on earth, more people believe in angels and want to learn more about their angels’ roles and purposes in their daily lives.*  This growing phenomenon is what prompted Angel Relationships, A Match Made in Heaven.

This book is written by Annette Bruchu, an experienced, nationally-known visionary and intuitive healer who shares her many gifts bridging the spiritual and physical worlds to assist those who seek to improve their lives.

Using exercises, meditations and visualizations provided in this book, people of all ages will learn how to connect with angels and receive divine guidance for navigating through their earthly challenges. This is becoming increasingly important in the fast-paced world we live in.

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Specifically, readers will learn how:

  • their life can change and grow as they bond with their Guardian Angel and other heavenly beings
  • to discover angel signs in their daily life and how to ask for the angels’ help and wisdom
  • previous life lessons, time, emotions and nature interact to provide a gateway to angel energy
  • to recognize angel messages and learn to trust and listen to them
  • angels talk through our intuition or gut, how they are persistent and communicate in our thoughts
  • to gain a better understanding of their own talents and gifts, learn to be more true to themselves, experience tremendous personal and spiritual growth and perhaps gain a new perspective on life

This book was inspired from people’s increasing desire to connect with their angels and understand the messages being given. According to Annette, what many people view as common sense or coincidence is often our angels communicating with us, adding that, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”—to paraphrase Albert Einstein.

As an experienced, nationally-known visionary and intuitive healer, Annette blends her expertise as a medium, psychic, healing practitioner, colorstrologist, teacher and mentor to help people heal and grow, learn about who they are and empower them to be true to themselves. Angel Relationships is available at bookstores, Barnes & or

* Most Americans believe in angels, more than 72% according to a 2016 Gallop Poll

We are excited to share that Annette’s book, Angel Relationships, A Match Made in Heaven, won the 2019 Silver COVR Visionary Award presented by the Coalition of Visionary Resources in Denver, CO!

Annette is honored to celebrate this wonderful achievement and greatly appreciates your support for her amazing book, Angel Relationships!


Angel Relationships,
A Match Made in Heaven

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Here's what people are saying about the book...

Angel Relationships is a wonderful book for anyone who is seeking practical and down to earth advice about Metaphysical and Spiritual topics. The author gives accurate information in simple terms (not an easy task with this subject matter) with helpful step by step instructions on how to utilize these gifts. I highly recommend this book for anyone setting out on this wonderful journey of discovery.
~ Kathryn Harwig ~
Oh my gosh! Your book is so amazing! It's packed with so much information! Each time I pick it up and start reading your book I feel like I am having a private session with you.
~ Jan ~
This is a beautifully written book for those looking to create angel relationships or to expand their connection already in place. The book includes effective exercises and explanations using practical scenarios to allow the reader better understanding and creativity. Interspersed are profound and very meaningful angel messages that afford a special gentleness and soft encouragement to allow their work into our lives. For everyone looking to open their spiritual consciousness and expand their universal connection, I would highly recommend this book. Angel Relationships allows us to visualize the extraordinary roles angels can play in our lives. If we just ask and invite.
~ Jennifer Florence ~
I received your book as a gift from a dear friend of mine and I can't tell you how grateful I am! I've already read it twice cover to cover, and also find myself using it instead of my angel cards at times - I just open it up to a random page, open my eyes and read the first thing I see. I've been blown away every time with how right on each message has been! Thank you so much!
~ Roxanne ~
COVR Visionary Award Winner!

Annette’s book, Angel Relationships, A Match Made in Heaven, won the 2019 Silver COVR Visionary Award presented by the Coalition of Visionary Resources in Denver, CO!

We are honored to celebrate this wonderful achievement and greatly appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and support for Annette! We also thank all of you who voted for her amazing book, Angel Relationships, helping her to win the Silver award in the ‘Contemporary Spirituality Books’ category!

Spring edition!

Angel Relationships has been chosen multiple times as one of the recommended books highlighted in the Top 12 Book Pick List released by The Spirited Woman featuring a variety of authors who will inspire and transport you to a new place!

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