What Color is Your Aura?!

Many people wonder what an aura is and how they can benefit from discovering their aura colors. The definition of an aura is an energy field that radiates through and around all living things. Every aura has its unique qualities and purposes.

Annette is a Colorstrologist, someone who understands the color frequencies of what people are putting out there in the world. Using her visionary and intuitive healing gifts, along with her Digital Aura and Chakra Imaging System, she provides you with an aura reading that can give insight into your:

  • personality traits
  • relationships
  • career choices
  • true life purpose
  • areas for positive personal growth

Using a hand sensor to capture the frequency of your energy, this unique imaging system picks up and displays your aura in color on a computer screen while your photo is captured and a report is printed of the true meaning of your energy field. From the information provided in the report and from Annette, you will learn about the specific colors and energy frequencies in your aura and what they say about you.

There are two reports to choose from:

Aura Report – This brief 2-3 page report includes a photo of your personal energy field and a description of what your specific colors say about you and what you present to the world.  $35.

Aura and Chakra Report – This 17-18 page report provides you with detailed information about your aura and each of your seven energy wheels, known as Chakras, revealing the levels of energy that you have. It illustrates the energy that you create, your personal power and your strengths and weaknesses. The interpretations of your energy field provides insight into how you can become better balanced and generate excitement about who you really are.  $50.

To discover your true colors, schedule an aura reading with Annette and see for yourself what your aura colors say about You and what you present to the world!

Click here to request an appointment with Annette, or call 651-247-9719.

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