BECAUSE HE BELIEVED, The True Story of Mike Germain’s Extraordinary Double-Lung Transplant & Life Transformation

Written by: Michelle Germain, Michael Germain, Annette Bruchu

Miracles are happening every day in our lives. Michael Germain experienced one – Life!

BECAUSE HE BELIEVED takes readers along an emotional journey of body, mind, and spirit. It is a unique story as Annette Bruchu offers her personal insight, showing an incredible “behind the scenes” view of Michael’s Miracle. Annette has a natural gift – giving her a spiritual vision connection – from heaven to earth. She has opened a whole new pathway of life for Michael and his family.

BECAUSE HE BELIEVED is a true story of a miracle. In the year 2000, with a young family at home, Michael began to experience problems with his breathing and lungs. Doctors and specialists have never diagnosed what the underlying cause was. Michael was told time and time again that his lung condition was untreatable. But he never gave up hope even after hearing a double lung transplant was his only option to sustain life. Michael had a strong will to live. He never saw himself dying at the young age of 53. Michael remained true to his religious beliefs that he was going to defy all odds but didn’t quite know how until the day he met Annette Bruchu.

On March 17, 2015, Michael Germain endured a double-lung transplant. Not long after, he survived a near-fatal virus that attacked his new lungs. By all accounts and statistics, Michael Germain probably should have died. But he didn’t…Because He Believed.

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